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About Auto-Accident Injuries

Auto-Accidents Injuries

According to studies conducted by the National Safety Council, approximately 6 million automobile accidents occur each year, and as a result, nearly 4 million Americans are injured. One of the most common after effects of the near-fatal auto accident is soft tissue damage.


Whiplash during a motor vehicle accident is characterized as the result of ligaments and soft muscle tissue being forcibly stretched forward and back, beyond the point of painless, permissible range of motion. This traumatic injury happens in a second or two, but gradually translates into a painful stiffness that can lead to more severe symptoms, from temporary discomfort to lasting, permanent damage.

Low Impact Crash

Contrary to expectations, low impact accident, even those that involve speeds of just a few miles per hour, still affects the soft tissues in the neck and back; namely ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Elderly people and people in poor physical condition, as well as those with prior similar accident are the most susceptible to these types of injuries.

Seat Belt, Airbags and braking foot injuries

In a car accident, it can be the seatbelt that saves a victim from severe injury and even death. However, it is common for the shoulder to be injured in an accident where a shoulder harness is worn. The impact against the seat belt can tear the tendons and the muscles in the shoulder causing serious pain and discomfort. Also, the lap portion of the seatbelt can act like a fulcrum in certain impacts, and cause significant injury to the lumbar spine and pelvis.

Similarly, airbags save lives. However often the impact of the airbag against the face and chest can cause further injury, not only to the structure, but also to the lungs and nasal passages.

Finally, the most natural reaction for a driver who is experiencing an accident is to forcibly depress the brake in an effort to stop the vehicle. The automatic "fight or flight" mechanism can cause a person to react quickly,, but the side effect to this can be foot and ankle injury.

3 Steps to Improving Your Auto-Accident Injuries


  Barely a month ago I was involved in a minor car accident, with almost no damage to my vehicle but interestingly, I was in a good amount of pain. My mother insisted that I go for a chiropractic evaluation, because she had experienced something similar. The doctor found that I had experienced soft tissue injuries, and following a series of treatments with manipulation and motion therapy, my pain has nearly gone away.  

Emma Wilkerson

  My daughter was in an accident a few weeks ago. She was hospitalized, and was prescribed narcotics to manage the pain. Though this temporarily relieved pain, all she did was sleep. A colleague of mine suggested Chiropractic care as an alternative, and she's been going for conservative treatment for a couple of weeks now and she's getting stronger every day. She's off most of the medication too.  

Nathan White

  Last year, I was hit from behind by a drunk driver. I went to physical therapy and pain management after being diagnosed with whiplash, and there I was, almost ten months later, still suffering from headaches that literally shut down my ability to function at age 45. I found MMT through my sister in law, who is a patient of Pain Away Clinic. I had my evaluation last month, and started care immediately. Finally, I have the possibility of a pain free future.  

Sherry Dorfman

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