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Want to Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain? Consult With Chiropractors


Back pain is a very common health complication people are suffering from widely. Our everyday lifestyle has a huge impact on this issue. While there is no particular cause of back pain, treating the complication depends on the individual health history. Medical journals even published that 8 out 10 people are having the lower back pain. Some problems get cured within a few days, some last for two to three months. Self-care options are there, but with the acute problem of lower back pain, you need a spinal manipulation therapy treated by licensed chiropractors. Back pain treatment meets a complete solution at the chiropractic healthcare clinic. Since it is a natural way of healing, people show their trust more on them than on others.

Why are chiropractors the best?

Chiropractors conduct a series of treatments that manipulate the spine, tissues, and joints to improve their functionality and to discard the physical discomfort. For treating lower back pain, the most effective one is spinal manipulative therapy. But, there are other methods also in the chiropractic treatment that provide patients with the relief from the pain.

Chiropractors understand the intensity of the pain first and then recommend the best way to cure the issue. They start with the natural and less-aggressive therapies and go deeper with the more advanced treatment procedures. This conventional method is very effective and works flawlessly for the Back Pain Treatment.

Spinal Manipulation Treatment:

Spinal manipulation treatment has proven the best way for treating your back pain issue. Chiropractors apply the well-tested method to cure the pain. They generate a force using hands or a device and apply it on the affected part of the body. The aim of this therapy is treating the pain from its roots.

Chiropractic treatments devoid of drugs and surgery enhance the self-healing power of tissues and muscles by the manipulation. Since chiropractors do a series of test, they are obliged to share complete details of the treatment with patients. They take consent from the patients to educate them about the treatment procedures.

Chiropractors take the examination of patients seriously to know their health condition prior to the treatment. They conduct health history, physical examination, and advanced diagnostic testing to get a complete idea of the patients. The same procedure is maintained in the back pain treatment as well. Visit Radiance Chiropractic to get the best treatment. The licensed chiropractors will take care of your every demand rightly.

How To Ease Back Pain While Sleeping?

Lower back pain is the common complaint of over 80% of people in the world. It is a disorder that involves the muscles and nerves of the neck. Perhaps, the causes for such pain can be more than one, and sometimes quite extreme. In fact a lot of people feel back pain while sleeping though the other times they might be all right. At such a time, back pain treatment in Canonsburg can come as a relief.

  1. When it’s time to hit the bed, keep a pillow between your knees. Your knees should be a bit bent when sleeping so as to avoid the backache. Try different pillows of different sizes and see which pillow offers the maximum comfort. This trick works really well by taking off the pressure from your back and allowing for a better hip placement.
  2. Another trick is keeping the pillow below your knees this time. Again, a raised position of knees will take off undue pressure from the back, thus easing the pain.
  3. A good practice or back pain treatment in Canonsburg is sleeping on a firm mattress. A soft mattress will always result in back pain.
  4. In no way, you should be sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping that ways you’ll end up putting pressure on the neck. In fact years of sleeping in such a posture will definitely result in back pain in the near future.
  5. A helpful exercise that you can try to ease the back pain is lie down straight on your back. Then slowly bring your knees towards your chest. Do this with alternate knee for a few times. This stretch will definitely be good for your back.

For more information about back pain treatment in Canonsburg, you canvisit call on (724) 237-5230.

What Is The Effective Treatment For Lower Back Pain?

Usually lower back pain goes away on in some time, but in some cases it might not. If back pain is a result of injury or trauma then it might take more time for relief. Nonetheless, the option of back pain treatment in Canonsburg shouldn’t be ruled out. However, if you think about self-care then some effective treatment options are as follows:


  • Hot/Cold Compresses:

An effective treatment for dealing with back pain is application of hot and cold compresses. These packs can help reduce pain and associated discomfort, thereby assisting in mobility. First apply cold pack for 10-15 minutes, followed by a hot compress to relax muscles. This process increases the blood flow. Instead of this, one may prefer to take warm water bath as an effective back pain treatment in Canonsburg. One should, however, avoid sleeping on a hot compress as it can cause tissue damage.


  • Exercise:

To speed up the recovery period of your back pain, you should keep yourself indulged in exercises. There are many gentle exercises which can provide the much needed relief. Some of those exercises include yoga, tai chi, stretching, swimming, and even walking. It might be possible that you experience some sort of discomfort initially when you start exercising, but that should go away in some time as muscles become stronger.


  • Medications:

When nothing seems to be working, medications should be your last resort for back pain treatment in Canonsburg. Prescriptions drugs, over-the-counter NSAIDs, and topical counter-irritants can offer the much needed relief.

However, if any of these treatments do not provide relief, you should turn to acupuncture or chiropractic care. A certified chiropractor in Canonsburg will be able to restore the back mobility in an easy way. For further information on chiropractors for back problems, visit or call on (724) 237-5230.

What Can Be The Common Causes Of Back Pain?

Your back is a complex structure comprising of bones, joints and muscles, which makes it difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem. Mostly the causes of back pain are not so serious, and are easily relieved by back pain treatment in Canonsburg from a chiropractor. Let’s take a look at a host of reasons which can result in the problem.

  1. Age: It is one of the most common causes of back pain. As people start aging, their muscle flexibility tends to decrease, while their discs start to lose fluidity. This in turn reduces their ability to cushion the vertebrae, thus causing back pain.
  2. Injury/Trauma: A lot many times pain can arise suddenly after a person lifts an exceptionally heavy object or overstretches the body. This can often result in sprain and spasm in the back muscles. In case the spine gets badly compressed, it causes outward bulging of the disc. Such nerve root compression can also contribute to back pain.
  3. Pregnancy: It is another common reason that can make the backache, which is majorly because of the additional weight of the baby that can strain the back.
  4. Other Causes: Other than the listed causes, there are many other reasons that can be responsible for pain in the back. These include obesity/weight gain, viral infections, scar tissue, smoking, irritation to joints, poor sleeping position, stress, and so on.

Though rarely back pain is a sign of a serious underlying problem, but still it shouldn’t be taken lightly. If someone starts experiencing back pain and seems like it has become a matter of everyday, reporting it to a doctor is a must. In fact a chiropractor in Canonsburg should be consulted regarding the same. For further information on chiropractors for back problems, visit or call on (724) 237-5230.

Chiropractic Care For Good Night Sleep

Numerous studies have shown that chiropractic care can be helpful in treating sleep disorders. Over a quarter of population in United States report about sleep related problems occasionally, while around 10% accept that they suffer from chronic insomnia. The good news is chiropractic care can help restore normal sleeping patterns. Visit a chiropractor in Canonsburg right away if you have been facing sleep troubles lately.

Repercussions Of Too Little Sleep

  • Weight gain is the first obvious and pertinent symptom of sleep deprivation. As the body will crave for more carbs, the weight is going to shoot up.
  • Without a good night sleep, a person is going to have troubles in making easy and small decisions in life.
  • Sleep deprivation causes anxiety and depression.
  • It increases the risk of cancer.
  • Accelerated aging, weekend immune system, poor motor control, and increased chances of accidents are all repercussions of not getting proper sleep.

Chiropractic Care For Sleeping Better

Sleep issues have something rooted in the physical or mental stresses of a patient. This is reason why the issue can be treated through chiropractic care. A chiropractor in Canonsburg will be able to treat your misalignments that have been causing sleep troubles. The chiropractor will work towards restoring proper nerve supply, which in turn will reduce spasms and tension in the muscles.

Sleep is the most overlooked aspect of a majority of people. Deprivation of sleep can cause numerous health related problems. It is, therefore, best to get in touch with a good chiropractor who can help you improve your overall health, while addressing the concern of sleep disorder. Make sure you contact a reliable chiropractor in Canonsburg who has reputation of treating their patients properly. For more information, visit or call at (724) 237-5230. Chiropractors at Getz Chiropractic will surely be able to help you with your sleeping problems.