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Mechanical Motion Therapy for Neck Pain and Stiffness

Mechanical Motion Therapy for Neck Pain and Stiffness

Due to neck pain and stiffness, you feel difficulty in moving your head sideways. It is a very common problem and is also cured naturally. But in a few cases, the neck stiffness stays for long and causes severe damage not only in your neck but also in your spine and nerves. This is the source of many physical discomforts, including a headache, neck pain, and shoulder pain. Muscle strain or soft tissue stain is the primary reason for neck pain and stiffness. If the pain seems acute to you, visit doctors and follow the prescribed ways. Mechanical Motion Therapy (MMT) has the ultimate solution to curing the issue through the process of manipulation.

MMT is a dual motion therapy where computerized adjustment technology has been applied along with the specified body motion of a patient as per the direction of chiropractors. With the help of this process, patients can get relief from the musculoskeletal pain and inflammation. For treating neck pain and stiffness, MMT works satisfyingly and helps patients alleviate their discomfort.

Neck pain and stiffness are caused by levator scapulae muscle injury. This muscle has been located at the back and the side of the neck. It also connects neck’s cervical spine with the shoulder. Due to the strain in that muscle, you feel pain and stiffness in your neck. There are many common activities that are responsible for causing such situation.

How MMT helps in treating neck pain and stiffness:

MMT techniques designed for treating neck pain and stiffness give back to you the normal life. The general causes associated with the problem are nerve imbalances, previous accidents, whiplash, and structural imbalances. MMT doctors first examine the patient thoroughly and then recommend the needed treatment procedures.

Which MMT treatment will be the best for you depends on the root cause of the problem. If it is associated with the nerve imbalances, MMT doctors find out the exact reason and apply the best technique to treat the issue effectively. Mechanical Motion Therapy also heals the structural damages to the problematic area of the body.

MMT is a physical treatment that aims at the restoration of the body functions. It is an alternative way to surgery for treating any physical discomfort related to musculoskeletal adjustments. The shifting to this alternative treatment has already been clearly visible.

MMT has become a popular treatment in the PA area, especially in Sturgeon, Carnegie, Mt Lebanon, and others. Radiance Chiropractic is one of the trusted and best health care clinics where you will get the satisfying treatment. Doctors are friendly there and they will make you relaxed during the treatment.

Why Physical Therapy is Best for Your Health

Why Physical Therapy is Best for Your Health

Physical therapy has already been a tested treatment method that helps people to make their body flexible and balanced. This proves to be an effective solution to those who are suffering from back pain, neck pain, disabilities, and other complications. Radiance Chiropractic is one of the best places in Bridgeville where top chiropractors take care of your problem with implementing the best practices. Physical therapists offer you a cost-effective treatment improves your body mobility and cures the problem that limits your activities.

Why people choose physical therapy over others?

Studies show that physical therapy is more effective than any treatments using drugs and surgeries. People widely accept the therapy because they want a successful alternative to surgeries for curing their physical limits. As many people come up with the success stories of how they overcome immobility, the physical therapy is getting attention from all across the world. Since it avoids the root of medication, it has gained a strong support from people.

The benefits of Physical Therapy:

Physical therapy has already proven its benefits in many health conditions. The complications, it treats, are many including headaches, sports injuries, arthritis, back pain, and more. Radiance Chiropractic has an eminent team of doctors and is a famous name in Bridgeville and other PA regions including Mt Lebanon, Carnegie, Oakdale, Sturgeon, McDonald, and more. With many years of experience in this field, they bring out some notable benefits of physical therapy which are mentioned below.

  • Cure pain naturally: Mechanical Motion Therapy or MMT is an important treatment method of physical therapy. It concentrates on the mobility of the body and cures pain while bones and muscle movement. This is the best therapy for treating any bone and joint pains.
  • Reduce the need for surgery: When you can heal pain easily with the physical therapy, why you opt for expensive surgeries? They are painful as well as make a big hole in your pockets.
  • Enhance mobility: it improves your mobility and gives you a life without physical limitation.
  • Sports injury treatment: Physical therapists or chiropractors understand your sports injury better than others. Different approaches are needed to cure the problem.
  • Improve your balance: if you often fall, you must contact a chiropractor who conducts the right therapy for you. Through exercises, they give you back your lost balance.

There are many other benefits that the physical therapy offers. Radiance Chiropractic has top-rated doctors who are treating your health problem carefully with the tested methods.



How To Manage A Sudden Onset Of A Neck Pain

Neck pain can be brought on by a number of factors, from a herniated disc to stress or even muscle strain. Though neck pain is quite common, but in most cases it is not serious. The bad news is – neck pain can occur at any time and it can limit one’s range of motion. This makes it difficult to perform the routine tasks in a proper manner. If you develop a sudden pain in the neck and don’t have the time to visit a chiropractor in Canonsburg, there are things that can be done to deal with the pain:

  1. Don’t Panic

The first rule to keep in mind with a sudden onset of neck pain is to keep calm. Neck pain can scare you to no end, but panic won’t help. It will resolve within a few days. In rare cases, serious problem like a tumor might be causing neck pain. Usually, neck pain is caused because of pain in the muscles, discs or even joints. If you notice that the signs are not improving over the course of time, it is best to get in touch with a Canonsburg chiropractor to rule out a serious issue.

  1. Maintain Excellent Posture

One of the prime causes of neck pain is postural neglect. You should never sit in a position with your head inclined forward and shoulders rounded. This can place a great amount of strain on the joints and discs, thus causing pain. So, when a person has neck pain, it is best to maintain a proper posture.

  1. Cervical Roll In Pillow Can Help

Neck pain can be equally painful when a person is resting or lying down. Using a cervical roll can be of great help when a person is trying to ease the pain.

Even after trying everything if your pain last a couple of weeks and doesn’t go away, it is best to get in touch with a renowned chiropractor in Canonsburg.For more information, visit or call at (724) 237-5230.

Chiropractic Care For Pinched Nerve

Misalignment of the spine that results in inflammation of the nerve causes a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve is indeed one of the most common reasons for back and neck pain. Some of the most common signs and symptoms of a pinched nerve are pain, numbness, tingling sensation, soreness, etc. Thankfully, chiropractic care from reputed chiropractors in Canonsburg can come as an effective treatment or pinched nerves as its prime focus is on healing.

What Causes Pinching Of Nerves?

A pinched nerve is typically a nerve that goes down to the back vertebrae. Typically, such a situation occurs when an undue pressure gets applied over the nerves and they get stretched or compressed. An accident, long traveling hours, or even back injury can cause pinching of the nerve. The severity would depend on the degree of misalignment occurred in the spine. Though any nerve in your body can become pinched, but neck and back are the most susceptible to pinching. Sitting or standing in a poor posture or even turning one’s body wrongly can result in compression of nerves, which only a top chiropractor in Canonsburg can heal.

How Will Chiropractors Help?

Traditional medicine therapy would focus on treating the area in the body where the pain is evident, but chiropractic care would focus on overall body healing. The practice takes into account the overall health of a patient as well as the reason that caused pinched nerve. Chiropractic care will heal the pain by reducing the constriction in the nerves as well as by easing tightness in the muscles. This is achieved by a chiropractor who directs pressure with hands on the affected area to press the points of pain. A patient’s medical history and various medical examinations including spinal, physical, and kinesiological are conducted to treat pinched nerves.

If you have been thinking about getting treatment for pinched nerves from a good chiropractor in Canonsburg, get in touch with Getz Chiropractic now! To know more, visit or call on (724) 237-5230.


How Can Chiropractors Benefit Your Health?

Millions of people around the world have experienced amazing benefits of chiropractic care. Usually patients of back and neck pain are the ones to visit chiropractors of Canonsburg. One of the biggest advantages of opting for chiropractic care is that it is a drugless approach for natural healing. Some of the common problems that chiropractic treatment reportedly improves are as follows:

  • Back pain
  • Ear infections
  • Blood pressure
  • Healthy pregnancy
  • Headaches (chronic)
  • Asthma
  • Surgery prevention
  • Arthritis

Through regular chiropractic care, patients can actually notice an improvement in their moods. The treatment is known to improve hormonal balance significantly, by basically lowering the bad hormones like cortisol and by alternatively increasing the good hormones like dopamine. This is the reason why depression and anxiety sufferers are advised to visit a chiropractor in Canonsburg.

With regular chiropractic treatment, patients will be able to sleep better and feel less fatigued in the day. All those under chiropractic care notice an incredible difference in their energy levels than ever before. This kind of treatment has also proved beneficial for the patient’s immune system. Those undergoing chiropractic treatment have been found to have 200% stronger immune system. Chiropractic is an inexpensive medical approach that eliminates the need for drugs and hospital visits. Besides, chiropractic care is a painless approach that will provide relief from the worst problems and aches.

If you have been thinking about visiting a chiropractor in Canonsburg lately, it is advised to look for a reputed one. Look for well-trained and natural minded chiropractors, primarily ones which your near ones have had the experience of dealing with in the past. Find a chiropractor who has knowledge and information on using latest techniques for offering immediate relief. One such chiropractic clinic is Getz Chiropractic. To know more, visit or call on (724) 237-5230.