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Mechanical Motion Therapy for Neck Pain and Stiffness

Mechanical Motion Therapy for Neck Pain and Stiffness

Due to neck pain and stiffness, you feel difficulty in moving your head sideways. It is a very common problem and is also cured naturally. But in a few cases, the neck stiffness stays for long and causes severe damage not only in your neck but also in your spine and nerves. This is the source of many physical discomforts, including a headache, neck pain, and shoulder pain. Muscle strain or soft tissue stain is the primary reason for neck pain and stiffness. If the pain seems acute to you, visit doctors and follow the prescribed ways. Mechanical Motion Therapy (MMT) has the ultimate solution to curing the issue through the process of manipulation.

MMT is a dual motion therapy where computerized adjustment technology has been applied along with the specified body motion of a patient as per the direction of chiropractors. With the help of this process, patients can get relief from the musculoskeletal pain and inflammation. For treating neck pain and stiffness, MMT works satisfyingly and helps patients alleviate their discomfort.

Neck pain and stiffness are caused by levator scapulae muscle injury. This muscle has been located at the back and the side of the neck. It also connects neck’s cervical spine with the shoulder. Due to the strain in that muscle, you feel pain and stiffness in your neck. There are many common activities that are responsible for causing such situation.

How MMT helps in treating neck pain and stiffness:

MMT techniques designed for treating neck pain and stiffness give back to you the normal life. The general causes associated with the problem are nerve imbalances, previous accidents, whiplash, and structural imbalances. MMT doctors first examine the patient thoroughly and then recommend the needed treatment procedures.

Which MMT treatment will be the best for you depends on the root cause of the problem. If it is associated with the nerve imbalances, MMT doctors find out the exact reason and apply the best technique to treat the issue effectively. Mechanical Motion Therapy also heals the structural damages to the problematic area of the body.

MMT is a physical treatment that aims at the restoration of the body functions. It is an alternative way to surgery for treating any physical discomfort related to musculoskeletal adjustments. The shifting to this alternative treatment has already been clearly visible.

MMT has become a popular treatment in the PA area, especially in Sturgeon, Carnegie, Mt Lebanon, and others. Radiance Chiropractic is one of the trusted and best health care clinics where you will get the satisfying treatment. Doctors are friendly there and they will make you relaxed during the treatment.