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Chiropractic Care Is More Than Adjustments.

Do you visualize a doctor “twisting” and “cracking” someone’s neck or back?

Does the thought of going to a chiropractor cause concern to you?

Well, it shouldn’t!

Chiropractic and chiropractors are not what many people believe. Chiropractors are licensed doctors who complete similar medical programs to the traditional physician.

The main difference is that chiropractors provide a physical medicine option to help people function and feel better without having to prescribe medications.

By manipulating muscles, joints, tissues, and nerves, chiropractors can help relieve patients of many symptoms that medical doctors prescribe expensive medications for. And contrary to popular belief, these manipulations are painless and often provide faster results than taking medications for days or weeks.

Dr. Laurel K. Gretz takes it a step further.

Rather than focus on manual adjustments and manipulations, our office offers Mechanical Motion Therapy.

Mechanical Motion Therapy is a treatment method that combines patient movement, patient resistance and computerized adjustment techniques to enhance a patient’s treatment and helps them “Feel Better and Function Higher.”

We proudly use the ProAdjuster, which is composed of a computer, specialized software system, and a treatment wand. The ProAdjuster system allows Dr. Gretz to diagnose and record the resistance of the joints, muscles, and tissues to determine the cause of a patient’s discomfort. Once the diagnosis is recorded, the ProAdjuster then switches to treatment mode.

When in treatment mode, the ProAdjuster sends impulses to the treatment wand to realign vertebrae, release muscle tension and help the patient get relief from their symptoms.

The ProAdjuster is so revolutionary and painless, that Dr. Gretz can perform treatments for patients of all ages.

With the ProAdjuster, there is no need for physical manipulation.

So what are you waiting for? Call our office for your free consultation today!