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About Hip & Leg Pain and Stiffness

Hip & Leg Pain and Stiffness

The hip joint is the largest of the ball and socket joints, connecting the legs to the torso in a functional marvel of a joint. These joints are strong and large, but they are not indestructible and can become painful for several reasons.

Sprains and Strains

Most hip sprains and strains occur from a traumatic injury such as a fall that either results in direct impact to the hip, or an unnatural motion to the ligaments and tendons that attach to the joint. Hip strains and sprains often occur in individuals that regularly engage in repetitive physical activity such as running.

Typically, the hip structure is one of the least flexible in the body, as the typical attachments to the hip joint originate in the larger and hard working structures of the lower body. Healthy tendons and ligaments as well as muscles provide structure to the joint and reduce strain on the joint. These structures can shorten over time, making the hip joint less and less stable, as well as increasingly inflexible and more susceptible to injury and pain.


Bursitis is inflammation or irritation of the bursa, or "sack" of lubricating fluid that is located between bones and attachments in a joint structure. Bursitis is the number one cause of pain in the hip joint, and the location of the pain dictates which of the two bursae is involved. bursitis of the hip, whether it is trochanteric (pain at the outside of the ball and socket joint) or iliopsoas bursitis (groin pain) is typically caused by repeated micro trauma such as via walking and running. A complicating factor may be running or walking with a leg length difference, or perhaps on an uneven surface.

Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Degenerative changes that arise from arthritic conditions can eventually cause damage to the joint structure. The hip joint requires adequate space within the joint capsule to allow the best possible function. Loss of this basic structure leads to pain and changes in the joint mechanics.

3 Steps to Improving Your Hip & Leg Pain and Stiffness


  Last month, a work injury caused a sprain in my hip. The pain was fairly significant, but worse than that was the fact that the motion was so restricted. I have an important trip scheduled in 2 months and knew I had to recover to be able to go. My sister had an issue and found motion therapy online of all places. The system seemed to make sense for my injury, so I gave it a try, and in just three weeks the difference is astonishing.  

Anthony Chan

  My mother is 72 and has suffered with arthritis pain for the past twenty years. However, last month after she felt a shooting pain from her hip we rushed her to the doctor, he called it a 'bursa inflammation.' The medication was helpful, but temporary, and so she opted for therapy. The quick results she has experienced with chiropractic care and MMT has proven that this was a great choice.  

Owen Leeman

  I'd been having pain for a week on the front of my hip. I couldn't stand or walk without pain, but I also had pain while sitting and laying, so rest was nearly impossible, and I couldn't work! My best-friend told me about motion therapy with chiropractic care, and suggested that I go for these sessions at Pain Away Clinics. It's been a blessing! The adjustments and the exercises have helped me overcome the pain and claim my life back.  

Kyle Jones

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