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About Jaw Pain

Jaw Pain

The temporomandibular joint connects the jaw to the temporal bones of the skull. This joint is solely responsible for the movement of the jaw. There is one TMJ on either side of the jaw, and within this hinge-like joint is a small disc, similar to that which is in the spinal column.

Pain of the Face or Jaw

Pain in the jaw can seem to start suddenly with a yawn or biting into a large sandwich and result in long term trouble with talking and chewing food. Minor pain in the jaw muscles responds well to home treatments like ice packs, and typically resolves with non invasive treatment.


Often, people who have TMJ dysfunction suffer from chronic clenching of the jaw and possibly grinding of the teeth. This can cause the temporal muscles in the scalp area to be over-utilized, and can result in tension type headaches. Evaluation of the alignment of the jaw joint can be helpful in the determination of the possible causes of headaches.

Clicking in the Jaw

The clicking sound in the jaw may start as a non painful annoyance, but is an early warning sign that there could be a misalignment of the jaw. Several arthritic conditions can cause the joint structure to become damaged, but even dental work can cause the joint mechanics to become disrupted.

3 Steps to Improving Your Jaw Pain


  I suddenly felt this pain in my mouth when I was speaking. I thought it was a toothache at first, and then realized it was my jaw that was hurting. I signed up for a consultation, and it turned out that my jaw alignment was the problem. I've been going for MMT and adjustments for a few weeks now and it's helped. The pain's barely even there anymore.  

James Corcoran

  My husband kept complaining that he had a toothache, we went to the dentist and he said it wasn't the teeth but the jaw. He prescribed painkillers, but it didn't solve the problem. I found PainAway clinics through a colleague. The instrument adjusting technique and the motion therapy were so effective that in a month the pain's almost gone. This is a superb initiative.  

Hannah Brown

  My friend had TMJ pains for for a long time. He'd be unable to speak and eat at times because it was so bad. He's been treated with Chiropractic and MMT for a month now and it's awesome to see him so much better. Good job guys.  

Nicolas Brown

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