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About Lower Back Pain & Stiffness

Lower Back Pain & Stiffness

Almost 80 percent of the population in the United States suffers from back pain at some point in their lives. Lower back soreness is mainly caused by inflammation in the back muscles and ligaments, and can be caused by overexertion and fatigue.

Lower Back Pain is one of the most common causes for missed work.

Most of the time, back pains are not severe in nature and may subside on their own. Nevertheless, in the event of pain that persists, it is vital not to ignore it. If a person experiences back pain once, it is likely that it will return at some point if the cause of the pain is not addressed.

Muscle Strain

Most causes of lower back pain are a result of overuse and/or damage to the soft tissues that support the lower spine. The body depends upon these soft tissues being healthy and strong so that they can participate in supporting the weight of the upper body. Muscle Strain occurs when fibers in a muscle start to experience microtears from being overstretched or overworked. This is also commonly called a pulled muscle, however the injured muscles have a direct effect on the local structures.

Nerve Pressure from Segmental Dysfunction

Though it has long been accepted that spinal alignment has its purpose in keeping the back pain-free, the mechanism by which misalignment causes pain is widely misunderstood.

The importance of joint motion between the vertebrae in the spinal column cannot be overstated. It is not simply a vertebra being "out of position and pressing on a nerve." It is a lack of mobility within the vertebral joints that initially creates inflammation, and left unhandled can lead to range of motion difficulty, degenerative changes and varying levels of nerve pressure that can precipitate back pain and potentially detrimental related nerve symptoms.

3 Steps to Improving Your Lower Back Pain & Stiffness


  I've been a working professional with a desk-job for the last 20 years now. A couple of years ago I started experiencing severe lower-back aches. I tried over the counter medicines and stretching, but the relief I got was only temporary. I came across Pain Away Clinics on the Internet and decided to go for it. There has been no looking back since. The back pain has greatly decreased thanks to the motion therapy! I wish I had tried this two years ago.  

Megan Cote

  My husband has been dealing with back pain for months now. He is a hard worker and was raised to just "tough it out." I hate to see him suffer, and it has changed his mood for the worse. I found this mmt therapy online, and it sounded like it might work. I literally nagged him for a week to go for it. He finally agreed to try it and it has made a difference within a few treatments.  

Audrey Whitman

  I developed lower-back issues after an injury playing basketball. The meds I was on started affecting my ability to focus and it affected my academics. It was my girlfriend who told me about chiropractic treatment. We found Pain Away Clinics and the mechanical motion therapy turned my life around. After a month, not only was my pain reduced, but I was off medication and my concentration was back. I feel healthier than ever.  

Andrew Tremblay

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