Physical Therapy

Our Physical Therapy begins with a comprehensive consultation so that we can prescribe the best possible methods and treatments into the patient’s recovery process.

We have completed thousands of physical therapy consultations and have treated and helped thousands of patients.

Our therapists will help the patient’s body regain its strength and flexibility, allowing the patient to return to normal activities and begin to enjoying life again!
By utilizing ultrasound therapy in our physical therapy program, our therapists can help reduce inflammation – which causes pain – and help stimulate the healing process of the body.

This technique has been proven and utilized for decades to enhance the benefits of Physical Therapy.

Our therapists may also use muscle stimulation, which helps to relax muscles and tissues, allowing the body to heal itself.

Muscle stimulation is extremely comfortable and only takes about 15 minutes for the treatment.

By using Trigger Point Therapy, our therapists can increase circulation, decrease inflammation, improve range of motion and help breakdown damage inside of the muscle tissue. This method of treatment is also comfortable and completed quickly. The success of physical therapy is seen in the relief stories of patients. We are also serving in the neighboring areas such as Carnegie, McDonald, and Oakdale of Pennsylvania regions.