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About Work Injuries

Work Injuries

Sitting postures, repetitive motion injuries, repetitive trauma disorders, and soft tissue disorders are some of the most prevalent work injuries that workers are faced with. From athletes to desk job workers, each of them is prone to some classification of work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Painful inflammation and spasm of muscles, tendons, and nerves often lead to ailments such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tension neck syndrome, and low back pain.

Muscle Soreness/Spasm

When muscles are subjected to stressful bursts during work such as with heavy lifting, they use the chemical energy from sugars and produce lactic acid as a by-product. This lactic acid causes muscle fatigue and soreness after the work has been completed.

Tendon Injuries

The tension from repetitive motions or sustained awkward postures can result in compromising the integrity of the fibers in the soft tissue. The injured tendons become thickened, causing inflammation, often referred to as tendonitis.

Nerve Injuries

The human nervous system plays a crucial role in transmitting signals both to and from the brain. While the motor nerves are receiving and carrying out signals from the brain to the body, it is the sensory nerves which are largely responsible for carrying sensations of pain, temperature, and touch from the arms and legs and other parts of the body. Repetitive actions and injuries can disrupt this critical flow of information.

3 Steps to Improving Your Work Injuries


  My wife is a journalist and some aspects of her work are very demanding. On a project last month she injured herself doing field work. The pain was really bad, and her supervisor suggested that she seek Chiropractic care. The therapy been a great experience for her and it's helped reduce her stress too. I'm thinking of joining in soon.  

Ben Simion

  I work at a building site and it's hard, heavy work, I get back pain a lot. A couple weeks ago I strained my back during a not very heavy, but awkward lift of a piece of drywall. It was as though I seized up, and couldn't move! Thankfully my boss sent me for an evaluation and treatment with an MMT specialist. The treatments are comfortable and effective, and I'm back to work.  

David Martin

  A friend of mine told me about Pain Away Clinics. I'm a bit of a workaholic and with the long desk hours sitting upright with my head and neck craned toward the computer, I developed neck pain and shoulder blade pain. The Painkillers were complicating things by making me tired. I had a chiropractic and MMT evaluation a few weeks ago, and following just four treatments, I notice a change for the better.  

Samuel Clark

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